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Namibia is a beautiful African country that has so much to offer, but few people consider going to Namibia. Windhoek is not normally a popular city for travellers, but it is not because of the amazing attractions that Namibia has to offer.

While Namibia is known for its natural features, outdoor activities such as hiking and safaris dominate as the most popular activities. Of course, the ascent of Dune 45 and the beautiful Namibian National Park in the north of the country will undoubtedly be a highlight of any visit to Namiba, but Windhoek offers a number of different adventures.

If you spend a few days in Namibia, you will have fun and enjoy these 10 things you can do in Windhoek. On the way you can also learn about some of the lesser known places in Namibia that you will not find in any travel guide. Before you make your travel plans, take a look at our guide to the best places to visit in South Africa's most popular tourist destinations.

If you want to see dinosaur tracks, you have to visit Otjihaenamaparero Farm in northern Namibia. The gateway to this spectacular area is the Sesriem 4x4 drive, which should be on your solo bucket list as it is one of the best activities in Namibia. There is no other breathtaking place that can be explored as well in a host country as Windhoek, the capital of South Africa.

The trip to Windhoek can take about 5-6 hours, so be prepared for a long drive with many stops along the way, such as the Sesriem 4x4 ride. If you have time, combine your visit with a visit to the neighbouring National Museum of Namibia, which contains a number of interesting exhibits on the history of the country and its people. There are also several artifacts that show the struggle of the Germans for independence and make it a great place to have a German heritage.

Windhoek has some of the best museums to enjoy during your Namibia holiday. For more details see Activities # 28. After visiting the sights (10-31), you can walk or cycle almost 5 km to the National Museum of Namibian History and Culture, which is just a short walk from the museum. Bebe, to see everything from the Heroes "Battery in Windhoeks to the Independence Museum in Namiba and the Christ Church in the city.

Click here to see some of the highlights of Namibia and choose from a variety of options to visit and see the safaris that travel through Namibia. Visit Windhoek and visit the National Museum of National History and Culture (10 - 31) and Christ Church in Namiba (11 - 14) to see Kudu, Zebra, Springbok and more. This adventure includes a day trip to Dune 45, which you can climb in the Namibian National Park (1 - 3 days), and an overnight stay at Nkandla Lodge (2 - 4 days) during a tour of Nam Africa.

One of the best places in Namibia is the National Museum of National History and Culture (10-31) in Windhoek. Don't miss this hidden gem, which I think is one of the most beautiful destinations in Nam Africa and should be included in your Namibian itinerary.

This list has a must-see - for every trip to Namibia, but also for some lesser-known jewels and fascinating stops that should be on it. Whether it's the National Museum of National History and Culture in Windhoek or the Namibian National Park: Nam Africa has many sights that will tear you away. This stunning country is home to some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world, and there will be many fascinating and good places for you to visit in each of them.

This list of our favorite places in Namibia takes you to some of the must-have places in Nam Africa, but also shows you some hidden gems.

Namibia is an ideal place to explore if you imagine your dream holiday with lots of outdoor adventure and nature photography. Experience Namibia with a fun group of other travellers and see all that it has to offer in an 11-day trip to the country. This guide helps you to find the best rated activities for a worldwide destination, including Namibia, and serves as a reference for your travel preparation. Get the guide and you can see for yourself what Nam Africa has to offer for 11 days of excursions to this country!

Windhoek may not be the destination, but for most visitors, Namibia is the place to go out into nature and explore the jungle of the big cities, to provide privacy in remote lodges and at least to allow them to pass through Windhoek for one or two nights. So if you want to meet others, choose a hostel where you will find a good selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and a number of hotels. Try a game - a safari or when your safaris start and end in Wind Hoek or Swakopmund, you will find enough bars or music venues to keep you entertained for another night and two nights! You do not have to try everything in one night, because most visitors of Namibia and the world are usually in Namibia.

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More About Windhoek