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As the curtain comes down on 2019, New Era Sport wants to take our esteemed readers back in time to reflect on some of the most memorable moments of the past sporting year in the country and beyond. As has become a tradition, we will begin this year with a review of the many successes that have dominated the headlines in our local sports arena in 2019, and our annual review of our favorite sports teams and players from our home country.

COASTAL Pirates dominated the bench's inline hockey championships this year, winning six of the nine titles on offer. The brave warriors, who qualified despite all the odds for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, which will be played in Cameroon in January, also dominated the headlines throughout the year. The Warriors - who are managed by interim gaffer Bobby Zamora - put on a superb show as they beat Eritrea to advance to the quarter-finals, which will continue next year with a clash in Saturday's semi-final against South Africa. Namibia's senior rugby team Welshmen also made it to Japan this year, while Namibian amateurs did little to make a difference and bowed out on the pool stage of this global rugby showpiece.

But Namibian fighters managed to stay on course and win and retain several titles. Johannes Nambala put the country back on the map at the Rio Olympics, winning two medals in the men's 100m, 200m and 400m sprint, and Johannes made further headlines when he won the world's most demanding 10,000m race and became the most successful athlete in the race's history. He broke the previous world record for the 2,500m and also the record for the fastest time by a woman in a single day.

The Desert Jewels made history with their success in the M1 Nations Cup, and Johannes proved to be one of the most successful athletes in the history of the country, giving Namibia its first gold medal at the Rio Olympics, winning the men's 100, 200 and 400 m sprints and the women's 2500 m. Now to athletics: The track is now owned by the Namibian long-distance running team, with Johannes Nambala and his team - colleagues responsible for their own track - responsible for the track. They heralded the end of an era for the often underfunded "Namibia Ladies" when they were the cream of African netball.

When Namibia wanted to connect with local netball, Debmarine took NN under their financial wing, and their commendable cooperation exceeded the expectations of many. Their worthwhile investment helped to propel Namibian netball to global heights and gave the girls the opportunity to realise their dream, to trade globally and to make the country proud. In addition to the growth of the sport, they have created confidence in the game and attracted further investment from the private sector to nurture local talent and our local talent.

We are proud to be associated with Namibian Rugby and are proud to build on their success as their company, bringing spectators through the turnstiles, filling stadiums and restoring the pride and passion of our Rugby. We want to play a brand of rugby that will bring a new level of excitement to our loyal fans. A vibrant new stadium will attract even more interest and attract more fans to the game on and off the pitch. The new stadium is generating tremendous enthusiasm among the players and we will encourage every Namibian to appreciate and support the sport in Namibia.

Our volunteer work goes far beyond sports training, as supporting and encouraging and mentoring young people in disadvantaged communities will help them to change themselves and their communities for the better in their lives. We can use sports training as a tool to address social problems that young people might face in order to transform and strengthen communities, and we can also help with programmes that offer young people in disadvantaged areas of the country various sporting activities, such as schools, hospitals, health centres and community centres.

The team managing these programmes believes that the lack of sporting infrastructure is an obstacle to participation in sporting activities, and international volunteers can provide the skills, knowledge and skills needed to develop young people in disadvantaged communities. Our volunteers are trained in sports coaching and technology management and try to encourage more girls and women to participate. Sport (in this case rugby) has the ability to unite people, share a common passion and create an amazing experience with lasting impact.

If you want to spend less time in the saddle, we offer popular rides at sunrise and sunset in the Windhoek National Park. Other popular places to explore on foot include the private NamibRand Reserve, which is adjacent to Naukluft National Park in Namibia. There, you can take the guided Tok Tokkie Trail, which offers a desert experience that includes good food and camping under the stars.

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