Windhoek Namibia Hyatt Hotel

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Hosea Kutako International Airport was built in 1964 and is located in the city of Windhoek, Namibia, about 45 km from the capital of the Namibian Republic of South Africa. It is considered the most important air terminal where airlines from Africa and other continents land. The airport was the only one in a city that had two airports and is located 45 km from Windhoek in Namibi. Both international and domestic flights have access to all the tools used in flight, such as air traffic control, baggage handling, security and security.

Traveling in Africa requires many hours by plane and car, so staying in a hotel is a highly valued relaxing experience. There's no lunch on your own, so you have time to grab a bite to eat and browse the Silent Auction online. If your safari starts with breakfast, you should definitely eat plenty of food, as your first day is likely to involve many hours of driving.

You can book and organise all meetings and private events through the resort's banquet coordinator to ensure all the details are in order. You can prepare for a variety of events, such as a dinner, banquet or even a private party.

Travelmath helps you find the nearest airport to Windhoek City, and you can often find cheaper flights from various airport contact persons. If you rent a car for business or leisure, Europcar has the right car at Wind Hoek Airport, whether you need a car or a van. There is a taxi and a number of taxi services to ensure an easy connection to the hotel. You can also use one of the hotels in the area you want to visit, such as Hyatt Hotels of Namibia or Windhope Hotel, if you have found a nearer airport in Wind hoek or City.

Sights in the immediate vicinity include Windhoek Cathedral, the Namibian National Park and the National Museum of Namibia. The great facilities attract tourists from all over the world, as well as locals and visitors from all over the country.

The Hilton Windhoek is the ideal hotel for a safari in Namibia or a long-term stay in the Namibian National Park. Hilton is one of the most luxurious hotels in South Africa and the world , it was made the perfect destination for tourists, locals and tourists from all over the country.

Reward points and prizes are expected, but make the most of Hilton points. Hilton points are usually worth 0.5 percent of your points, so use these points to relax in the rooftop pool, especially if you have Diamond status at the Hilton. Windhoek Country Club Resort, the leading hotel in Namibia and one of the leading hotels in South Africa, makes the most of its hotel points.

Our first concern is to ensure that our customers have an unforgettable experience in Namibia. To demonstrate our commitment to guest satisfaction, we will do the right thing and credit your account with 10,000 Hilton Honors points. We have a wide selection of off-road vehicles at Windhoek Airport as well as a wide selection of rental cars available at the hotel.

For something more exotic, the Chez Wou restaurant is open to guests looking for oriental cuisine. Kokerboom Restaurant offers international a la carte dishes during the day and a more traditional menu in the evening.

More About Windhoek

More About Windhoek