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At the end of April, the traditional festivities begin on Friday with the Prince's Ball, which includes a masquerade ball, a dance party and the annual Windhoek Carnival. The most important meeting of September begins in February, but the Expo is a celebration of everything related to tourism - from food and drink to music and entertainment.

The three-day event will be preceded by three full days of training and workshops, and a networking party will follow the exhibition on April 3. Opening events, which begin with a performance by traditional drummers, bring together keynote speakers who will address topics such as "What the World Needs" and "AFRICA 2019 Technical Exhibition opens." The conference, co-hosted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the African Development Bank (ADB), is open to 57 companies from 20 nations exhibiting their utilities at the conference.

In "Welcome to Media," he draws attention to the major projects currently underway in Africa for which financing, let alone contracts, have been secured to secure the financing. He is working to further expose the IP scenario and technology transfer as one of the most important challenges for the development of Africa's digital economy and as a hub for innovation.

He founded the African School for Internet Governance, initiated the NEPAD Internet Governance Program and helped launch the Southern Africa Internet Governance Forum. He continues to promote awareness of the importance of Internet governance for the development of the digital economy and technology transfer in Africa, and founded and continues to establish the Africa Institute for Information and Communication Technology.

Individuals can register their interest here and will be contacted by Qatar Airways prior to the scheduled flight. If you have not yet expressed an interest in a return flight but would like information on future flights, please contact the IST Africa Conference Secretariat at at IST - to participate actively in the discussion. If a future flight is available, fill in one of the return forms for potential travelers and the U.S. Embassy will contact you. Please contact your embassy if you have an emergency concerning a US citizen.

Upon arrival in Windhoek you will be picked up from Hosea Kutako International Airport and transferred to River Crossing Lodge. After breakfast in Namibia we will take you to the Boutique Hotel Am Weinberg and back to HOSEA Kutakos. Archer arrives at the agreed location - on time he receives his equipment, signs a compensation form and is greeted on arrival by the US Embassy and the Namibian Embassy in Washington D.C.

This is one of the favorite places of species to visit, as the wildlife is so diverse and provides a unique composition every time you visit. You can also do a night photo session in Sossusvlei, which will complete this unique route and offer a variety of photographic opportunities. We also encourage you to stay as long as your schedule allows, but you are encouraged to schedule as much time as possible for the rest of your trip.

Although quiver trees are found in large parts of Namibia, they are not easy to reach, as they prefer the terrain between the Tsauchab Valley and the Deadvlei Wetlands in the north and east of the country. The real highlight of Sossusvliei is the "Deadvlesi," which is located at the end of the Tsau-Chab valley and has been cut into a wetland section by low dunes that cut through the valley about 700-800 years ago.

Located just a short drive south of Swakopmund, this town is home to a very large flamingo community and can be photographed from the gentle dunes of the estuary. The well-built Ongava Game Lodge is located in the private Ongavas Game Reserve as it is a beautiful vantage point overlooking a well-frequented water point on the plain. Activities include a drive through the Deadvlei wetlands, where you can see a variety of birds such as flamingos, kangaroos, leopards, zebras, elephants, rhinos and many other wild animal species. In addition to wild flowers and birds of prey, Ongva also has a large number of other animal species, such as the black rhino and the white rhino, which offer guests a unique opportunity to see these charismatic species.

Ongava Game Lodge and offers a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, hunting and other activities.

And best of all, you have the opportunity to be outside, enjoy nature and practice fascinating skills. Team events and company celebrations are designed to broaden your interpersonal and problem-solving abilities while offering all participants plenty of fun. Enjoying a group means helping and supporting each other, and pampering the staff with special treats and enabling them to have fun activities in the team.

Depending on the time you want to spend in the archery country, there are also a variety of other exciting archery games on our program.

More About Windhoek

More About Windhoek